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- WHITNEY HOUSTON C. Diana Ross D. Donna Summer

1 A NEW gospel album featuring unreleased songs by the late pop icon Whitney Houston (right) comes out on March 24. Which of these chart records does she NOT hold?

A. Biggest-selling studio album by a solo female

B. Most consecutiv­e weeks for a solo female at No 1 on UK singles chart

C. Most simultaneo­us hits for a solo female on UK singles chart D. Biggest-selling soundtrack album

2 Who reportedly described her as ‘horribly mediocre’?

A. Princess Margaret

B. Margaret Thatcher

C. Mariah Carey

D. Madonna

3 TRUE OR FALSE: An Oxfordshir­e market town was named after her.

4 WHICH singer was also Whitney’s cousin?

A. Aretha Franklin

B. Dionne Warwick 5 WHICH of these has NOT happened since Whitney’s death?

A. Nominated for a Razzie award for worst actress

B. Performed concerts as a hologram C. Sang a duet with Barry Manilow

D. Had her own range of limited-edition make-up on sale

6 TRUE OR FALSE: The music icon hated her feet more than any other part of her body.

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