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The new power powders that blur away all signs of ageing

- @HannahJBet­ts Hannah Betts

AFRIEND expressed astonishme­nt when I declared I had to powder my nose the other day — and proceeded to do exactly that. ‘ I was sure that had to be a euphemism,’ she gawped. ‘Surely no one actually powders their nose any more?’

‘ How can you not use powder?’ I quizzed. ‘A quick, all-over dusting come morning, then nose, forehead and chin touch-ups during the day. Doesn’t everyone?’

Both of us were thrown into states of incredulit­y. For her, powder meant old-school, vintage compacts wielded by women ancient even by our standards, who want to create a leaden, pancake mask.

to me, powder spells a contempora­ry, faux-youth bestowing magic wand, something that — if used judiciousl­y — casts a luminous, softfocus veil.

I can’t say she was immediatel­y convinced when I dragged her into Boots to purchase e. l. f. Perfect Finish HD Powder (£7.50, boots. com), along with a nice, fat Boots Powder Brush (£5, boots.com).

‘But, it’s bright white!’ she bleated. ‘I’m going to look like Bette Davis in What ever Happened to Baby Jane?’ ‘ Look,’ I bulldozed, ‘ things have moved on.’

e.l.f’s perfecting power powder is a beautiful, budget product that not only fixes your slap in place but blurs pores, fills wrinkles and will make you look ten years younger. Far from something to be avoided in middle-age, this next-level makeup is a must.

After all, if you love subtle, natural- looking, modern foundation­s, you need to secure them with a similarly subtle, natural-looking, modern powder.

Getit right and you won’t need to mess about with primer or setting spray. You’ll just have a long-lasting, artfully perfected face.

Seeing is believing and my friend is now a convert. In fact, she’s so won over, she’s also invested in the loose rather than compact version of this wonder, e. l. f. High Definition Powder (£6.50, elfcosmeti­cs.co.uk) and is experiment­ing with e.l.f.’s Halo Glow Setting Powder (£ 8, elfcosmeti­cs.co.uk).

the latter comes in three shades with similar airbrush tech and my friend tells me that it renders her Zoom-ready and that she likes to apply it with the brand’s Halo Glow Puff (£ 4, elfcosmeti­cs.co.uk) for a ‘flawless finish’. I have basically created a powder addict.

Still, I feel the same about Charlotte tilbury’s creations. Charlotte tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish (£38, charlottet­ilbury. com) is the compact I always carry about, ready for essential t- zone restoratio­n. In four colours, it actively improves matters, blurring and brightenin­g so beautifull­y that one of these is sold every minute.

the brand also boasts the newish, yet already fantastica­lly popular, Airbrush Brightenin­g Flawless Finish (£38, charlotte tilbury.com), a pearly powder compact in two hues which, when used under the eyes, promises to reduce the look of dark circles.

(I’m not a fan of powder here as a rule — too prone to collapsing into crevices — but some experts insist on it.) I now use these two hits pretty much interchang­eably. Midlifers who worry their complexion­s veer towards the oily and long for a fresh but matte effect, will want Clinique Superpowde­r Double Face Powder (£33, clinique.co.uk).

A multi-tasking powder foundation and/or finishing powder, this has been with us for over two decades. It is justly famous for its pore-minimising prowess and clings without caking or clogging. If only the brand would create some lighter and darker tones.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder (£35.50, bobbi brown.co.uk) makes an extremely good middle ground between ‘improving’ and blotting, being a profession­al favourite.

Meanwhile — if fairy dust is more your thing — Dior has limited- edition spring Dior Forever Cushion Powder in Mitzah (£54, dior.com), a rosybeige glow in a leopard-print case, and Millefiori (£51, dior. com), a ( literally) glittering, lavender pink shimmer in a floral compact. Powder fetishists will flock.


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