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Can Vernon Kay really fill Ken Bruce’s shoes at Radio 2?


We aRe told that vernon Kay is to replace Ken Bruce on Radio 2 and that he is a highly regarded presenter! If the standard by which he is judged is Zoe Ball and Scott Mills, to name but two, then he is — however, all three are gobby, uninterest­ing, selfopinio­nated, second-rate, overpaid members of the BBC idiot club.

Bye bye, Radio 2, you’ve lost the plot. and there’s plenty of better fish in the sea.

RODeRICK CLuLOW, Derby. Do tHe BBC ever consider the people who listen to Radio 2? vernon Kay is no replacemen­t for Ken Bruce. MARGAReT THReLFALL,

Langho, Lancs. aS a Radio 2 listener who is far from happy with the changes made in recent months and

was getting ready to retune after the departure of Ken Bruce, I think vernon Kay will be a good replacemen­t on the morning show. among his various jobs, he is a DJ and, if he’s allowed to, will play music the listeners want to hear. unlike some.

Don’t forget that Ken Bruce, terry Wogan and Steve Wright were young once when they took on their respective shows. Give vernon a chance.

DeNISe KING, eastbourne, e. Sussex.

 ?? ?? Hitting the airwaves: Kay in the Radio 2 studios
Hitting the airwaves: Kay in the Radio 2 studios

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