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Recharge with a nap

Find the perfect napping position on a reclining chair


IN TODAy’S busy world, napping can be very beneficial and could even improve the quality of your sleep.

It can also reduce fatigue, increase focus and alertness, and improve mood and performanc­e, including quicker reaction time and better memory.

The first step is to get comfortabl­e but not too comfortabl­e. So, avoid closing curtains, getting in bed and pulling the duvet up to your neck.

Instead, consider napping in a comfortabl­e chair. For example, an Oak Tree Mobility rise and recline chair can help you to find your optimal napping posture, close your eyes and allow yourself to rest and recharge. Don’t forget to put your phone on silent mode so that you don’t have to worry about being disturbed.

you can experiment by dimming the light but avoid complete darkness. Set an alarm for ten to 20 minutes or ask someone to let you know when this time has passed.

Close your eyes and become aware of your breathing. you will be aware of external sounds, internal sensations and thoughts but keep focusing on your breathing and don’t try to block anything out.

Oak Tree’s expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, says: ‘ Mentally whisper the word IIIIIIN as you breathe in and OOOOOOOUT as you breathe out.

‘Feel yourself sinking deeper into relaxation with every breath. Focus on how your nostrils feel as the air moves in and out, or the sensation as it hits the back of your throat.

‘When the alarm goes, rouse yourself gently from your nap. Open your eyes slowly and start to move your fingers and toes.

‘After a minute or two you should be fully conscious, more relaxed and at the same time mentally and physically energised.’

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