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Lift your fitness levels!


KEEPING fit is an essential part of extending not just our lifespan but also our health span.

Luckily there are plenty of ‘DIy’ options available to build up strength and flexibilit­y if you don’t fancy heading to the gym.

Simple resistance exercises such as lifting and stretching are the secret to gradually increasing strength. Small hand weights are an excellent way to get the upper body moving, as are stretchy resistance bands. Either can be incorporat­ed into a sitting or standing routine.

A brisk walk always comes with wellbeing benefits. Adding Nordic walking poles builds in some upper body toning. Swimming is the superstar exercise routine, keeping joints safe, enabling flexibilit­y and sneaking in a cheeky cardio workout.

But why is exercise important? Aren’t we meant to be taking it easy once we retire? Here comes the science bit! It’s been discovered that even the gentlest of exercises releases a substance called myokines into the body. And this appears to play a big role in preventing age-related diseases of all types. It’s a win, win!

Deciding to install a Stiltz Homelift is a bit like later-life exercising, as you’re taking a small, controlled step to make a big gain. ‘We change lives for the better,’ says Mike Lord, CEO of Stiltz. ‘The lift is there to take the strain, so you can live life the way you want to at home.’

Regain lost confidence in your mobility with a Stiltz and get yourself fit for the future.

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