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Get ready for spring outings


THE weather might be cold right now, but spring is just around the corner, making this a good time to think about getting out in the sunshine that is surely coming our way. Parks, woodlands and gardens come alive in spring with carpets of flowers, including bluebells which are at their best in late April and early May.

The daffodils and cherry blossom are also due soon, and many country houses and gardens will be opening again from Easter, heralding a delightful season of outdoor picnics and festivals. A good mobility scooter will enable you to enjoy accessible routes and attraction­s with friends and family, such as those listed in Motability’s Rough Guide to Accessible Britain.

From smaller models that fold easily into the car, to all-terrain types that can take woodland paths in their stride, there are plenty of options available through experience­d dealers such as Elite Mobility. For example, the strong and comfortabl­e Extreme X

Series, made for Nordic conditions, is a bestseller in Northern Europe, and offers a wide choice of seating options. And a remote autofoldin­g pavement scooter with shock absorbers, such as the Zeo, makes it easier to travel abroad or in the UK this spring.

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