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FraNCE’S fixtures in the Six Nations next year will not be at the Stade de France as it will be the centrepiec­e of the Olympics in Paris and has to be prepared accordingl­y. It is an opportunit­y for the French federation to take big games to the provinces, which is a regular policy each autumn anyway. It’s a shame it does not happen in England too, but the difference is that — unlike their Gallic counterpar­ts — the rFU own their stadium and Twickenham is an 82,000-seat cash machine. Of course, especially in the aftermath of Covid, the need to maximise revenue is indisputab­le and understand­able, but neverthele­ss there should be a greater commitment to moving the national team out of the capital from time to time. In the southern hemisphere, there is a rotation system around different venues throughout australia, New Zealand and South africa, which allows the wider population to be more connected to their teams. England are unique in having their own grand home, but also have compelling alternativ­es to stage games. They should have taken a pre-World Cup fixture to Bristol or Birmingham, Manchester or Leeds. Greater accessibil­ity is vital, in the quest for more popularity.

 ?? GETTY IMAGES ?? Pastures new: Ntamack will play outside Paris
GETTY IMAGES Pastures new: Ntamack will play outside Paris

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