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Arise Sir Stanley? Boris nominates his dad for knighthood

- Kumail Jaffer Political Reporter

BORIS Johnson has put his father’s name forward for a knighthood in his resignatio­n honours list, it has been reported.

Should Stanley Johnson’s knighthood be approved by the Cabinet Office, he will join his son Jo, a former Tory minister now in the House of Lords, in being honoured by the ex-prime minister.

While it has been met with some criticism, several Tory MPs appeared to show support for the former PM’s decision.

Backbenche­r Michael Fabricant said: ‘Stanley Johnson should have received a knighthood years ago... he was in the European Parliament and afterward he engaged in animal conservati­on work worldwide, and has written books on environmen­tal and population issues.’ Science Secretary Michelle Donelan said: ‘Obviously it’s the exprime minister’s prerogativ­e to be able to make those appointmen­ts. But I think there are bigger fish to fry, to be honest.’

Mr Johnson, 82, is among 100 nomination­s, according to The Times.

Rishi Sunak is now facing mounting pressure to block the knighthood, with Liberal Democrat chief whip Wendy Chamberlai­n last night condemning Mr Johnson’s ‘nepotism’, adding: ‘The Conservati­ve Party is rewarding Boris Johnson’s failure, lies and corruption.

‘If future honours lists are to have any shred of credibilit­y, Sunak must step in and veto this list.’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also told LBC Radio yesterday: ‘The idea of an ex-prime minister bestow

‘There are bigger fish to fry’

ing honours on his dad – for services to what? – you only need to say it to realise just how ridiculous it is.

‘It’s classic of a man like Johnson. I think the public will think this is absolutely outrageous.’

Labour’s health spokesman Wes Streeting told the BBC: ‘I couldn’t care less about whether Stanley Johnson gets a knighthood.

‘What I do find extraordin­ary is that there are still many Conservati­ve MPs who continue to defend Boris Johnson’s behaviour.’

In 2021, Stanley was accused of assault by Tory MP Caroline Nokes and journalist Ailbhe Rea. Ms Nokes, 50, said he smacked her ‘on the backside as hard as he could’ and said ‘you’ve got a lovely seat’ at the 2003 Conservati­ve Party conference.

Ms Rea claimed he ‘groped me’ at the 2019 Tory conference when she was 24. At the time Mr Johnson told Sky News: ‘I have no recollecti­on of Caroline Nokes – but there you go.’

And in 2020 a biography of the then- prime minister claimed Stanley’s late wife Charlotte Johnson Wahl needed hospital treatment after being hit by him in the 1970s.

The former PM’s sister Rachel told the News Agents podcast: ‘I don’t expect there’s going to be a national outpouring of joy. If my brother hadn’t been prime minister, I think my father could have been in line for some sort of recognitio­n in his own right. He’s done much more for the Tory party and the environmen­t than dozens of people who have been given gongs at this point.’

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said that his team does not comment on honours. His father declined to comment.

 ?? ?? Thumbs up: Boris Johnson with father Stanley
Thumbs up: Boris Johnson with father Stanley
 ?? ?? ‘If he gets a knighthood, I’ll never call him Sir Dilyn’
‘If he gets a knighthood, I’ll never call him Sir Dilyn’

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