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HARRY’S eviction from Frogmore Cottage copperfast­ens his demotion as a Counsellor of State. While King Charles’s tinkering with the list of Counsellor­s – promoting Anne and Edward and downgradin­g Harry and Andrew – was sufficient, the absence of a UK abode confirms Harry’s relegation. His US residency is no bar to his place in the succession. Perhaps the King and William should stick to the rule of monarch and heir travelling separately. Should anything befall them both before George is 18, Harry would become Prince Regent. And if he declined, the honour falls to Andrew.

WHAT is Sarah Fergsuon playing at? Asked for her opinion of the Duchess of Sussex, Fergie replies: ‘I don’t really know Meghan. I haven’t really met her.’ According to Harry, when he and Meghan visited Fergie en route to Meghan’s first meeting with the Queen she asked: ‘Do you know how to curtsy?’ Harry writes: ‘Fergie demonstrat­ed once. Meg imitated her... As we walked towards the door Fergie and I both leaned into Meg, whispering quick reminders.’ Curious how recollecti­ons vary.

WHAT are the chances of Jessica Fellowes, niece of Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes, scattering herbs in front of the King at his coronation? Charles was apparently impressed with the nosegay of flowers, herbs and spices he carried when he distribute­d the Royal Maundy last year. And last month he enjoyed rose petals being cast before him on a Brick Lane walkabout. But don’t place any bets with Paddy Power just yet. Writer Jessica, pictured, who has applied to revive the role of royal herb strewer, may hit the herbal buffers with the Westminste­r Abbey ban on confetti and rice. It clogs every nook and cranny, causing havoc for the vergers.

FORMER Daily Mail cartoonist Trog, aka Wally Fawkes, who has died aged 98 recently sought a flu jab, explaining: ‘I was in the doctor’s waiting room with a lot of slightly apprehensi­ve, elderly people in various stages of decay when over the speakers came a sound of music. It was Frank Sinatra singing, “And now the end is near...” We all looked at each other and exploded with mirth.’

GYLES Brandreth, 75 tomorrow, recalls his presidency of the Oxford Union when visiting speaker Jeremy Thorpe had the hots for him. ‘He bounded across the debating chamber, literally jumping over the benches, in his apparent eagerness to greet me,’ Gyles tells the Oldie. You had a narrow escape Gyles. Amorous Jeremy might have had your dog shot.

FOUR Weddings and a Funeral writer Richard Curtis, confirming his ‘ spectacula­rly unsuccessf­ul’ early attempts at romance, tells Radio Times: ‘I remember being at a wedding. There was a girl. We had a dance. I thought, “This is heaven.” She said, “Where are you staying tonight?” And instead of saying, “Wherever you’re staying…” I said, “I’m going back with my friend John and we’re going to play Boggle.” I never saw her again.’

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