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Sniggering Evan rapped over drugs chat on radio


IrrEsPoNsI­BLE Prince Harry is not the only one who seems to think illegal drugs are an unalloyed joy. I can disclose that BBC star Evan Davis has found himself at the centre of another impartiali­ty row after his radio 4 show failed to ‘remind listeners’ about ‘opposing opinions’ on the issue of legalising cannabis.

The Corporatio­n has ‘ partially upheld’ a complaint over an interview Davis (right) conducted with a professor who was in favour of legalising cannabis, on radio 4’s Pm show.

After the programme aired in october, a listener complained about ‘ the absence of an alternativ­e view’ and a ‘ lack of impartiali­ty on the part of the presenter’.

Professor Akwasi owusuBempa­h, of Toronto University, had been asked by Davis whether Canada’s move to decriminal­ise cannabis had ‘worked’. The academic had replied, ‘Do it now, those are my three words’, which prompted laughter from Davis, who’s nicknamed Tinsel T**s on account of his piercings.

The BBC’s executive complaints unit looked at whether the programme met ‘ BBC standards for due impartiali­ty’.

Complaints bosses said while the overall piece reflected the negatives as well as positives of changing the law, it added that in the final exchange ‘there was a need to remind listeners of the existence of opposing opinions’.

The ECU said: ‘ But in posing his final question, he invited an opinion on a matter of controvers­y. Professor owusu-Bempah having expressed unqualifie­d support for immediate legislatio­n, in the ECU’s view there was a need to remind listeners of the existence of opposing opinions.’

Last month, the BBC apologised after Davis was accused of making ‘perfunctor­y efforts’ to challenge a trans guest who accused Jk rowling of transphobi­a.

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