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Off the rails


WhY are we tolerating the 5.9 per cent rise in the price of rail fares?

With an annual commuter season ticket for the 40 miles each way from Reading to London costing more than £5,000, it’s no wonder people like being able to work from home.

Just compare this to Germany, where the railways are run by one organisati­on, Deutsche Bahn AG, with the only shareholde­r being the German government. They are set to introduce a ticket for €49 a month that will allow you to travel the length and breath of the country.

Surely it’s time for a re-think on the way our railways are run. Too many companies are trying to make big profits from the public, while the Germans have a state-run system that seems to manage on the cheap prices they charge.

J. MuiR, Maldon, essex. InSTeAD of spending so many millions on hS2 to get people from

A to B 20 minutes quicker, would it not be better to spend the money on improving existing services and getting trains to actually turn up?

bob ProCtor, Cupar, fife. AfTER the terrible rail crash in Greece, will government­s start legislatin­g for the compulsory use of seat belts on trains?

This is the only form of fast-moving transport that doesn’t require seat belts. ken stranG, Chorley, lancs.

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