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■ IF HE sent and received 100,000 WhatsApp messages, no wonder Matt Hancock had no time to think about proper solutions to Covid.

Colin Warburton, Yarm, n. Yorks. ■ DOING a Hancock: scaring people by exaggerati­ng a threat.

alan aitChison, Wakefield, W. Yorks. ■ SO MATT HANCOCK feels Isabel Oakeshott has betrayed his trust. Now he knows how his wife must have felt.

Mike siMMs, ottery st Mary, Devon. ■ BEWARE the Ides of March: it’s Budget Day!

a. h. Clark, Goffs oak, herts. ■ A FILM on Channel 5 didn’t have a single warning about seeing something that might upset me. This upset me.

bill DarloW, kempston, beds. ■ WHAT does Fatboy Slim call himself now?

D. s. W. holloWaY, towcester, northants. ■ WE’D all be a lot safer if we had Brown Flag beaches as well as Blue Flag ones.

alistair tait, selsey, W. sussex. ■ HOW long should a CEO last after losing 8.5 million customers overnight? Ask Radio 2.

a. MitChell, saltburn-by-the-sea, n. Yorks. ■ BORIS JOHNSON is one of those characters who, when he’s being chased out of town, makes it look as if he’s leading a parade.

sanDY Pratt, storringto­n, W. sussex. ■ PASSING through France on a coach, we stopped at a service area where a German car was parked. The number plate read DAM 1966.

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