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PLAY our accumulato­r game! Every day this week, solve the crossword to find the letter in the pink circle. On Friday, we’ll provide instructio­ns to submit your five-letter word for your chance to win a luxury Cross pen. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply. Entries cost 50p.


7 A restaurant that serves circles of flat bread baked with toppings (8)

9 ____ Williams, TV football pundit and ex-player who captained Wales at Euro 2016 (6)

10 A small, wingless jumping insect that feeds on the blood of mammals (4)

11 Concorde was this type of passenger-carrying commercial aeroplane (10) 12 Miss ____, ladieswear assistant played by Wendy Richard in Are You Being Served? (6)

14 Expression meaning ‘of

a large number’ (2,6)

15 Irish model who became a team captain on Celebrity Juice in 2020 (5,8)

17 Glossy-leaved evergreen plant whose varieties include japonica and williamsii (8)

19 The letter that precedes mu in the Greek alphabet (6)

21 Informal term for a good-looking male celebrity (5-5)

22 A mocking or

rude remark (4)

23 ____ Nostalgia, second studio album by Dua Lipa, released in 2020 (6)

24 A gastric hormone released in response to acid in the small intestine (8)


1 ____ box, red, freestandi­ng cylindrica­l receptacle for receiving postal items (6)

2 George, singersong­writer who had a UK No. 1 hit with Shotgun in 2018 (4)

3 Body of water crossed by ferries between Holyhead and Dublin (5,3) 4 European capital whose official symbol is a bear on its hind legs, feasting on berries (6)

5 A colourless, sweetsmell­ing liquid once used as a general anaestheti­c (10)

6 Knight of the Round Table who threw the sword Excalibur into the lake (8) 8 Open circular or oval venues in which gladiators fought in ancient Rome (13)

13 Attentive to the care and appearance of one’s own residence (5-5)

15 To exclude (5,3)

16 A system of two-way communicat­ion by loudspeake­r (8)

18 Martin, German religious reformer noted for nailing his Ninety-Five Theses to a church door (6)

20 Fictional villain played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers film series (2,4)

22 A young kangaroo (4)

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