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West plays in 3Nt, North leads the ♦ 2. How should West plan the play?

To preserve an entry to dummy, West should win the first trick in hand and immediatel­y cash the ♣ A. Next comes the ♣ J, and the defence is sure to hold up the ♣ K to block the suit if possible.

If North can follow to the second club, though, West is safe to overtake with dummy’s ♣ Q. Even if South can win with the ♣ K, that will be eight clubs gone, and West still has two entries in dummy with which to drive out the last club, and subsequent­ly enjoy the establishe­d tricks in the suit.

The one thing West must not do is win the opening lead in dummy in order to finesse the ♣ J. This will prove fatal if either defender has ♣ Kxx, and holds up. It is also vital that, when North does not put ♣ K on the ♣ J, declarer should overtake, or again he can be in trouble if South started out with a singleton club.

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