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No 17,048


FOR your chance to win, solve the crossword to reveal the word reading down the shaded boxes. HOW TO ENTER: Call 0901 293 6233 and leave today’s answer and your details, or TEXT 65700 with the word CRYPTIC, your answer and your name. Texts and calls cost £1 plus standard network charges. Or enter by post by sending the completed crossword to Daily Mail Prize Crossword 17,048, PO Box 28, Colchester, Essex CO2 8GF. Please include your name and address. One weekly winner chosen from all correct daily entries received between 00.01 Monday and 23.59 Friday. Postal entries must be date-stamped no later than the following day to qualify. Calls/texts must be received by 23.59; answers change at 00.01. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply, see Page 52.


6 Proper care is in order when acquiring French article for large vehicles (6,8)

9 Family behind much of company has small cask (6)

10 Reed, say, kept by varied snobs in loosefitti­ng jackets (8)

11 Block group of spies getting natural raw material? (4,4)

13 A tax around island close

to home for pilot (6)

15 Terrible creep holding current set of cooking instructio­ns (6)

17 Decisive step from set leaving Spain on journey (6)

19 Show fright in unruly country with no end of intimidati­on (3,3)

20 Support a companion beginning to experience a form of pain (8)

22 Join learner given time

in main body of plane (8) 24 Concealed area in large

canvas shelter (6)

26 Each asset distribute­d, perhaps, depending on circumstan­ces (2,3,4,3,2)


1 Support lingers surprising­ly for breakaway bodies (8,6)

2 Some shocking

white wine (4)

3 Breather amid exercise

— or quick dive (6)

4 Conceited artist, half obscured, stifling awful groan (8)

5 Make a sibilant sound

in this style (4)

7 Charlie with awkward gait heading off to get small round stone (6)

8 Call before most of later reforms to do things differentl­y? (4,3,7)

12 Virile male needs a cut

of meat endlessly (5)

14 Trade in capital on the

rise in holiday island (5) 16 Feverish patient consumes first of chocolates? A negligible amount (8)

18 A senior woman

of habit? (6)

21 Row of figures in part

of a newspaper (6)

23 Resounding noise

in city house (4)

25 Playthings too, yes,

missing essential parts (4)

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