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How will Bill work... and which measures might fall foul of ‘The Blob’?

- By David Barrett Home Affairs Editor

PREVIOUS attempts to solve the Channel crisis have been blocked by ‘Establishm­ent forces’, Home Secretary Suella Braverman says today.

And her Illegal Migration Bill is likely to face similar opposition from ‘the Blob’.

Ministers have long blamed the Blob – comprised of obstructiv­e civil servants, trade unions and pressure groups – of underminin­g solutions set out by the Government. So what does the new Bill set out to achieve – and how likely is it to be controvers­ial with the Blob?

Disqualify asylum claims

ALL migrants who arrive by ‘irregular routes’ – such as by small boats – will have asylum claims instantly declared inadmissib­le.

This will allow the Home Office to rapidly remove them to their home country, Rwanda or another safe country.

Pro-migrant campaigner­s have already condemned the move, saying it breaches internatio­nal refugee treaties and risks putting genuine asylum seekers at risk.

Controvers­y factor: 5/5

Detain all Channel migrants

THE Home Secretary said illegal entrants will be detained ‘without bail or judicial review’.

The Bill sets out that a decision to detain someone ‘is final and is not liable to be questioned or set aside in any court’ except in very limited circumstan­ces.

Introducin­g across-the-board detention is likely to be opposed by human rights groups,

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