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A sobering thought... cure a hangover with hormones

- Daily Mail Reporter

WE have all sorts of cures for a hangover, from the most complicate­d concoction­s to simply going back to bed.

Now scientists have come up with a solution which might stop you drinking in the first place – a scarysound­ing hormone injection.

When tested on mice plied with an alcohol substitute, it halved the time they took to recover.

The fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) hormone – produced naturally in the livers of humans and animals – helps break down alcohol quickly.

Scientists at the University of Texas Southweste­rn in the US gave mice a dose of ethanol equivalent to a human alcohol binge.

The animals lost their ‘righting reflex’ – the ability to balance when intoxicate­d. Mice not given FGF21 took longer to get it back.

In another experiment, the mice were intoxicate­d to the point of being unconsciou­s and then gave them FGF21. This reduced the time they took to recover the reflex by an hour and a half.

Study co-author Steven Kliewer said the results showed FGF21 injections ‘can dramatical­ly accelerate recovery from intoxicati­on’.

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