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Nine in 10 councils will raise tax by maximum... yet cut services

- By Tom Witherow Senior Political Correspond­ent

MOST councils in England plan to impose the highest tax hikes they can alongside cuts in ‘desperate measures’ to avoid bankruptcy.

A report found nine in ten local authoritie­s will increase council tax, or hike charges on waste or parking. Most will cut spending on services, while one in 12 said they risk going bankrupt.

The Local Government Informatio­n Unit report claims struggling families will bear the brunt as most councils intend to increase council tax by the largest permissibl­e amount without a referendum – between 2.5 and 3 per cent – and almost every council providing social care will use powers to demand a further 2 per cent increase from April.

That would mean households in an average Band D home facing a possible hike of £98 to £2,064.

Jonathan Carr-West, of the LGIU, said councils’ confidence in their finances was at ‘an all-time low’ amid a fall in funding from central government.

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