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‘Apology for rapists’ fury over BBC’s Cosby series

- By Paul Revoir Media Editor

A BBC documentar­y has sparked outrage after a sex therapist suggested men who have a fetish about sex with unconsciou­s partners should be able to pay women to be drugged.

The remarks were made by American Sonalee Rashatwar during a four-part documentar­y series about disgraced US sitcom star Bill Cosby.

Ms Rashatwar, appearing on We Need To Talk About Cosby, claimed there was a ‘consensual’ way for these men to get their ‘kink out’.

One viewer branded the comments ‘ beyond atrocious’ while another said the remarks amounted to ‘rape apologism’. Cosby, 85, has been the subject of numerous sexual assault allegation­s, which became public in 2014. He was accused of drugging and then sexually assaulting multiple women.

Ms Rashatwar told the programme: ‘If we actually grappled with the fact that sex negativity is what causes this type of behaviour, then we could create a world where, in an idyllicall­y sex positive world, someone is able to pay conscious women to come and be drugged so that I can get my kink out.’

But the remarks from Ms Rashatwar, who brands herself the ‘Fat Sex Therapist’, sparked huge anger from viewers. James Esses, of Thoughtful Therapists, posted the clip on social media, saying: ‘I feel sick. This is beyond atrocious.’ Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies wrote on Twitter: ‘How is the BBC (or any credible tv station) giving airtime to this.’

Director of Big Brother Watch UK, Silkie Carlo, added: ‘“Sex negativity causes this behaviour”?!?. This is rape apologism quickly followed by rape advocacy. How the hell did it end up on the BBC?!’

Bill Cosby shot to fame playing Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show. In 2018 he was convicted of the aggravated indecent assault and jailed. This judgment was subsequent­ly overturned in 2021. But last year he was found liable for a sexual assault in 1975.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We Need to Talk about Cosby is an acclaimed documentar­y series from W Kamau Bell which is a BBC acquisitio­n. This contributo­r provides broader cultural commentary on some of the topics raised.’

The series was broadcast in the US last year on Showtime. BBC2 showed the opening episode on Sunday. The remarks by the sex therapist are in the final part which is available on iPlayer.

‘I feel sick. This is beyond atrocious’

 ?? ?? Disgraced: US actor Bill Cosby
Disgraced: US actor Bill Cosby

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