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Think you Brits are as liberated about sex as us Scandis?

Read what we REALLY get up to — and tell me that again!

- BY TOP SWEDISH SEXPERT ASA BAAV See asabaav.com. As told to Samantha Brick

us Swedes means that we can relax in a partner’s company, being more present and focusing on enjoying the pleasure we are both giving and receiving, rather than ruining the moment by constantly worrying about perceived imperfecti­ons.

This means that most sexual relationsh­ips are happy — and lasting. While many young Brits seem to assume that their elders are no longer sexually active, in Sweden, sex is still a massively important part of life in our retirement years.

One Swedish woman in her late 50s recently told me that sex just keeps getting better and better for her. And that’s as it should be.

You might think that Swedes’ liberated attitude towards sex means we’re all sleeping with multiple partners. But as a society we’re quite relationsh­ip-focused, because we know sex isn’t just the reserve of dating and one night stands, to be treated lightly, but is a key part of a partnershi­p and marriage.

As for my partner and I, it goes without saying that sex is an important part of our relationsh­ip. We’re both entreprene­urs and occupied with our businesses, but we make a conscious effort to be together. We’ll schedule time to have sex, but it’s about the emotional connection, too. It’s important we both feel safe in a relationsh­ip and that we’re heard when it comes to our sexual desires.

So, to any Brits who feel uncomforta­ble or unhappy about sex I’d say this: Be a bit more like us Scandis, get to know your body, embrace nudity and recognise that sex isn’t a topic you should shy away from at the dinner table. Rather, it’s an act of love and pleasure which we should all feel happy discussing.

 ?? Picture: ASA BAAV ??
Picture: ASA BAAV

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