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Spray foam insulation guide doesn’t say how to remove it


GUIDANCE on spray foam insulation has been published by the Royal Institutio­n of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) but does not contain informatio­n about removing it.

About 250,000 homeowners have insulated lofts with polyuretha­ne foam to help slash energy bills. But the industry has been plagued by cowboy firms which have put properties at risk of fire, condensati­on and rot after installati­on.

The sector is unregulate­d, leaving homeowners without clear guidance. Rics reveals how to effectivel­y install the insulation, but offers no tips on removal. However, if you have the right paperwork and risk assessment, your foam is unlikely to need removing.

A mortgage lender or Rics surveyor can inspect your home to make sure the foam was installed correctly. Find a Rics surveyor on ricsfirms.com. a.cooke@dailymail.co.uk

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