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I MOVED my broadband, landline and TV contract from Virgin to Sky in August, as it was too expensive. However, Virgin is still taking direct debit payments.

J. J. F., Bath.

VIRGIN has apologised for the issues you have had cancelling your direct debit and it has refunded you £359. It has also offered you £100 as a gesture of goodwill, cleared your balance of £170 and closed the account.

I HAD a life-changing car accident in December that left me disabled and I’m still in hospital. Santander has frozen my account since the accident and will not let me access my money to pay bills. I need help as the firm won’t listen.

L .A. H.,via phone.

SANTANDER has removed the temporary block on your account and apologised for the inconvenie­nce, paying £500 as a gesture of goodwill. A spokesman says these blocks are placed on accounts when they need to verify payment requests are authentic.

UTILITY Warehouse has been charging me for the gas supply to the wrong property for six months. In the past two months, it has also charged me for my own property on top. I live in a small village where there are houses with a variation on the same name.

H. W., North Yorks.

UTILITY Warehouse apologises and has credited back the overpaymen­ts. A spokesman says: ‘We found there were numerous addresses registered on the national gas industry database which led to the customer being billed incorrectl­y. We’ve requested the database be amended.’

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