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■ THERE will always be a place for Harry and Meghan to rest their heads in Britain. I suggest the Tower of London.

J. M. CHURCHYARD, Reigate, Surrey.

■ WHO next to interview Harry: Alan Partridge?


■ HOW terrible that the Foreign Secretary can see the M25 from his country retreat. Instead of spending millions on earth mounds to block the view, just plant a row of leylandii.

JOHN ALDERSON, Tonbridge, Kent.

■ PLEASE can we have our 100-watt bulbs and powerful vacuum cleaners back?

PAUL RUANE, Cannington, Somerset.

■ I HELPED pick up 38 bags of beer cans, bottles, takeaway cartons and crisp packets. We need to do something to prevent littering.

BERNIE LLOYD, Barnsley, S. Yorks.

■ I’VE shoes older than Madonna’s boyfriend.

S. SHERRINGTO­N, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Gtr Manchester.

■ ROMANTIC love a dangerous myth (Mail)? We’ve argued our way through 56 years of marriage, but he still gives me flowers.

Name supplied, Corsham, Wilts.

■ GIVING birth, I asked for gas and air (Good Health). I took a deep breath and said: ‘That’s better.’ It hadn’t yet been connected.


■ PM: Andrew Neil. Chancellor: Alex Brummer. Foreign Secretary: Stephen Glover. Home Secretary: Sarah Vine. Education Secretary: Jenni Murray. Minister for Sport: Oliver Holt.

B. GRIFFITHS, Wolverhamp­ton, W. Mids.

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