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Why UK’s migrant policy has failed


HOME secretary suella Braverman would have us believe her ‘landmark’ Bill will severely restrict migrant claims to live in Britain. I only wish that were true. There have been so many announceme­nts of new policies, but not one has had any effect on reducing the number of migrants arriving via illegal routes.

This Bill promises much, but I fear will deliver little, if anything.

DES MORGAN, Swindon, Wilts.

JUST like the rwanda farce, I fear the Government’s latest migrant plan will fail dismally. Human rights lawyers will ensure it doesn’t get off the ground. Politician­s will never solve the migrants problem. Instead, we should abandon the costly white elephant that is Hs2 and spend the money on a floating barrier in the Channel at the limit of our territoria­l waters with policed access for legitimate traffic.

GORDON MORRIS, Southwick, Wilts.

THE Prime Minister’s plan sounds good, but has he taken into account the fact that human rights lawyers must be already formulatin­g plans to foil it? At the very least they will string out appeal cases for years.

IAN FULLER, Harrogate, N. Yorks.

IT’s all very well making new laws to stop applicatio­ns from migrants seeking a new life here, but will these people know what they are letting themselves in for in advance and thus be deterred from dangerous crossings of the Channel? Attempts will continue indefinite­ly due to ignorance of the new laws.

D. CONSTANTIN­E, Forest Row, E. Sussex.

THERE is only one way to stop thousands of migrants arriving on our shores in small boats: stop all benefits.

JEM TUGWOOD, Worthing, W. Sussex.

IF RISHI SUNAK is serious about stopping the small boats, he should start with those arriving from Albania, a safe country. These people aren’t fleeing persecutio­n or war. They should be returned immediatel­y without access to lawyers claiming legal aid. Forget rwanda — that is clutching at straws and will never happen.

MARY WIEDMAN, Piccotts End, Herts.

 ?? ?? In peril on the sea: A group of men thought to be migrants cross the Channel towards Dover in a flimsy boat
In peril on the sea: A group of men thought to be migrants cross the Channel towards Dover in a flimsy boat

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