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Vaughan lawyers slam ‘inadequate’ probe


MICHAEL VAUGHAN’S lawyers have accused the ECB of mounting a biased investigat­ion against him that was unfair and inadequate.

In an 81-page statement summing up Vaughan’s defence on the final day of the Yorkshire racism hearing in London, Christophe­r Stoner KC said his client did not use racist language towards Azeem Rafiq.

And he targeted the ECB’s investigat­ive team, who admitted last week that they did not speak to key witnesses including players, umpires and a

Sky Sports cameraman present in the huddle when England’s Ashes-winning captain allegedly used the words ‘you lot’ to four Asian Yorkshire players before a T20 game with Nottingham­shire in 2009.

Stoner claimed ‘due process had gone on holiday’, with the ECB showing no interest in running a proper inquiry.

‘There was no investigat­ion and we are concerned about bias shown by the ECB in witness statements,’ said Stoner. ‘furthermor­e, there is not sufficient reliabilit­y in the process as a whole, given the woefully inadequate investigat­ion undertaken by the ECB.’ Stoner said it was ‘inherently improbable’ Vaughan made the comment given inconsiste­ncies in the evidence and the fact that the incident was not discussed until 11 years after.

He ended a week of testimony by emphasisin­g the importance of the verdict to Vaughan, saying that ‘the shape of his life and livelihood are at stake’. In a 13-page closing submission, ECB lawyer Jane Mulcahy KC argued it was ‘inherently probable’ that Vaughan made the comments and described three offensive tweets he posted the following year, for which he has since apologised, as essential to the case.

In response, Stoner countered that Vaughan has posted 41,000 tweets, with only three identified as offensive.

A verdict in the trial is expected to be delivered by the end of the month.

 ?? REX ?? Awaiting verdict: Vaughan
REX Awaiting verdict: Vaughan

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