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A long run of own goals...


OCT 2016: With critics saying supposed child refugees in Calais looked older than 18, BBC presenter Gary Lineker tweets: ‘ The treatment by some towards these young refugees is hideously racist.’ DEC 2018: fellow BBC broadcaste­r Jonathan Agnew, a cricket pundit, writes in a tweet to Lineker: ‘I’d be sacked if I followed your example.’ AUG 2022: Lineker criticises Tory legislatio­n, tweeting: ‘As a politician how could you ever, under any circumstan­ces, bring yourself to vote for pumping sewage into our seas?’ SEP 2022: BBC boss Tim Davie says reining in Lineker’s tweeting was a ‘work in progress’.

OCT 2022 The BBC finds Lineker breached its impartiali­ty rules over comments he made about the Conservati­ves having ‘Russian donors’. JAN 14, 2023: Lineker retweets a post calling Home Secretary Suella Braverman ‘utterly devoid of sensibilit­y’ after her exchange with a Holocaust survivor.

FEB 15: Lineker posts from an airport arrivals queue: ‘Another monster queue at customs at a European city next to deserted lanes for EU members. The delights of Brexit.’ FEB 20: He shares a video that calls for illegal immigrants arriving on small boats to be granted citizenshi­p. He wrote: ‘Why leave them to fester in a hotel with the far-Right screaming abuse at them? Give them legal status and get them going.’ FEB 27: Appears to mock Rishi Sunak’s landmark EU deal over Northern Ireland, writing: ‘So we’re getting Brexit done... again.’

MAR 7: He calls Mrs Braverman’s measures to stop the small boats ‘beyond awful’ and ‘an immeasurab­ly cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s...’

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