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We must show this preening, ignorant poseur the exit door...


own ignorance. The Nazi regime was an exercise in state-sponsored mass murder, carried out with terrifying efficiency.

Whether you agree with the Government’s asylum policy or not, nobody can claim that its intention is to kill. In truth, it is exactly the opposite.

By ruling asylum applicatio­ns from migrants who enter the UK by small boats inadmissib­le, the new law aims to discourage people from entering the frigid and treacherou­s waters of the Channel in the first place – or falling into the hands of murderous criminal gangs once they’re here.

In other words, the aim is to save lives. It’s a profoundly humanitari­an ambition.

Either Lineker is cynically warping history to virtue signal to his 8.7million Twitter followers or he is an ignoramus, unaware of the horror of the Holocaust. Neither explanatio­n would surprise me.

If Lineker had an ounce of decency, he would reflect on the response that has greeted his bizarre remarks and apologise wholeheart­edly, perhaps meeting with senior Jewish leaders and donating a fraction of his enormous fortune to Jewish charities. Instead, with characteri­stic arrogance, he has doubled down.

Yesterday he jovially tweeted: ‘Morning all. Anything going on?’ This sarcastic response was followed by: ‘Great to see the freedom of speech champions out in force this morning demanding silence from those with whom they disagree.’

But this is not about freedom of speech. It’s about facts. Let us be clear: he is effectivel­y calling over half the country Nazis, since polling makes it abundantly clear that the majority of voters support measures to deal with the small boats crisis.

There are at least half a million illegal immigrants at large in the UK and their growing presence is consistent­ly one of the main issues raised by voters.

Lineker’s behaviour would be depressing enough from a saloon-bar bore, but it is especially repellent in a man who seems to have convinced himself that the size of his Twitter following is commensura­te with his own intellectu­al capacity.

I support Tottenham Hotspur: Lineker was a fine player for my team from 1989-92 and is a reliable TV presenter.

But his credential­s are zero when it comes to social policy, geopolitic­s or anything beyond the merits and perils of a flat back four. And needless to say, he has no actual solutions to the small boats crisis.

How much easier for him to wail about parallels with the Nazis than come up with a substantiv­e approach to tackle the issue. It is frankly bizarre that Lineker has been able for so long to get away with flouting the fundamenta­l BBC principle of impartiali­ty.

When Tim Davie became director-general in September 2020, he declared that impartiali­ty would be his watchword.

That month, he told a Commons committee: ‘If you want to be an opinionate­d columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media then that is a valid choice, but you should not be working at the BBC.’ Quite so. Yet a glance at Lineker’s social media outbursts suggest that ‘partisan campaigner’ is exactly what he is – yet he is still working at the Corporatio­n on that enormous salary.

When the then-foreign secretary Liz Truss urged a boycott of the Champions League final in Russia in February last year, Lineker demanded: ‘And her party will hand back their donations from Russian donors?’

On that occasion, a BBC investigat­ion prompted by a reader complaint ruled that he had breached impartiali­ty rules but it made no difference to his employment – or his behaviour. Lineker simply carried on as if nothing had happened.

Last August he attacked Tory MPs, saying: ‘As a politician, how could you ever, under any circumstan­ces, bring yourself to vote for pumping sewage into our seas. Unfathomab­le.’

He regularly takes to Twitter to offer his thoughts on the Middle East, attacking Israel’s treatment of Palestinia­ns. All of

‘He has no actual solutions to the small boats crisis’

these are, once again, valid positions and you and I could debate them all night long.

But it is entirely inappropri­ate for the BBC’s highest-paid star to mouth off in such a partisan, political fashion.

The BBC remains impartial – or it dies. It’s as simple as that.

Unless its presenters scrupulous­ly avoid taking sides – even on Twitter – it can no longer justify its means of funding by a regressive poll tax, backed up by the criminal justice system.

Nobody knows which way Fiona Bruce, Laura Kuenssberg, Claudia Winkelman, Justin Webb and many others vote.

Yet Lineker has left the nation in no doubt which party he would like to see in power. The fact is, he has now crossed a line. I have no truck with cancel culture. However much I disagree with Lineker’s inane mix of historical ignorance and brain-dead Leftism, I defend his right to say it... as long as he’s not working at the BBC.

Will Davie honour his word as this ignorant poseur continues to insult him, us and the millions who died in the Holocaust?

If he has a shred of sense, he will show this preening fool the door.

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