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Sleep easy! Simple tricks to beat snoring that won’t cost a penny

- By Victoria Allen Science Editor

IF you’re a chronic snorer, you may be tempted to stuff a tennis ball down the back of your pyjamas or even rub thyme oil on your feet before going to bed.

But as research shows people are turning to fashionabl­e ‘life hacks’ to save their slumber, experts say it’s the easiest and cheapest methods that really work like a dream.

You might want to try having a hot shower or bath before bed, or losing weight. Snorers are also advised to avoid alcohol beyond 6pm, as it relaxes the throat muscles.

Jonathan Hobson, a consultant at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, said expensive snoring rings, oils and acupunctur­e have no scientific evidence behind them. He added: ‘Try things like extra pillows or sleeping on your side first, then try losing weight and not drinking after 6pm.’

It comes after Mute, a firm which makes a snoring device, published a list of 30 ‘hacks’ snorers use. Its survey of 2,000 people suggests snoring affects 56 per cent of couples where one partner snores.

People were found to spend an average of £33.20 a year trying to silence snores, but would be willing to spend up to £288 if it meant banishing snoring for ever.

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