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Royal College told: Not only women can get pregnant

- By John Ely

A PRESTIGIOU­S medical body has sparked outrage for inviting a woke organisati­on that claims mothers-tobe are ‘pregnant people’ to its Internatio­nal Women’s Day event.

The Royal College of Obstetrici­ans and Gynaecolog­ists (RCOG) seminar was advertised as an opportunit­y for participan­ts to discuss ways to challenge sexism in healthcare.

Yet the appointmen­t of speaker, Tori Ford, founder of non-profit Medical Herstory, attracted controvers­y having stated it’s a myth ‘all pregnant people are women’.

Instead, it uses the inclusive term ‘pregnant people’ to cover trans men, non-binary people and ‘other gender non-conforming individual­s’.

Feminists and maternity care groups said RCOG’s decision to invite Medical Herstory was ‘disappoint­ing’ and that inclusive language shouldn’t come at the expense of ‘erasing the majority’ of women.

Feminist author Milli Hill said while she welcomed the college challengin­g medical sexism on Internatio­nal Women’s Day, Medical Herstory’s involvemen­t was concerning.

‘ Sexism happens to women because of their sex,’ she said.

‘It’s therefore disappoint­ing to see that RCOG have commission­ed a group who, in spite of the promising name Medical Herstory, appear to be confused about the difference between sex and gender.

‘Their Instagram post that states the number one most common pregnancy myth is that “all pregnant people are women” is a classic example of this.’

Ms Hill also said while individual­s should be treated with respect, inclusive language should not erase women, especially in the fight against sexism.

‘Language should not be changed at population level, erasing the majority to suit a very small minority,’ she said.

Maternity care advocacy coalition With Woman were also critical, saying: ‘Herstory stating that it is a myth that all pregnant people are women are missing the whole point of the stigma.’ A spokesman for RCOG said: ‘Our webinar is exploring stigma and shame that perpetuate health inequities, by deterring people from seeking care.

‘This reflects our commitment to tackling stigma within health services, reducing health inequities and supporting the health workforce to provide quality, respectful care to all’. Medical Herstory was also contacted for comment.

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