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Letby trial: How parents begged to remove baby from hospital

- By Liz Hull

THE parents of a newborn triplet begged doctors to take him to a different hospital after Lucy Letby allegedly murdered his two brothers within 24 hours, a court heard today.

Letby, 33, is accused of killing the infants, known as Babies O and P, by injecting air into their stomachs and bloodstrea­m on consecutiv­e days in June 2016.

The court heard Baby O died on Letby’s first shift on duty following a week off in Ibiza.

Manchester Crown Court heard the nurse was in ‘floods of tears’ after Baby P, who was awaiting transfer to Liverpool Women’s Hospital, died. After the transport team arrived, the parents begged them to take their surviving son, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

In a tearful video interview with detectives, the triplets’ father said: ‘We said there was no way he’s staying at this hospital, you’ve got to take him... They agreed to take him over.’ He spent several weeks there before going home.

Letby denies murdering seven babies and attempting to murder ten others between June 2015 and June 2016.

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