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THIS six-part Irish crime drama aired on BBC4 last month and is now available as a box set on iPlayer. Set in the fictional town of Roskillane on the isolated west coast of Ireland, it has the feel of shows such as Netflix hit Ozark in the way it deals with the insidious effect of drugs and organised crime on ordinary people. You’ll also want to keep watching for the stunning landscape — rugged, windswept and loaded with atmosphere. Fishing is a tough business, and smuggling — of booze and cigarettes — is a way of life that helps to put food on the table when times are lean. But when crystal meth gets smuggled into Roskillane, it spells danger for everyone. Events spin around the Kenny family and its ambitious son Aidan (Kerr Logan), who triggers the initial connection with a Swedish drug cartel. It’s not long before the dark net spreads wider and his sister Ciara (Lydia McGuinness, pictured) — who has been keeping the fishing business afloat — is pulled into Aidan’s mess, a mess that threatens to drag all the family and their friends under.

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