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My green dilemma


THE easy way to achieve a carbonneut­ral country is to ensure all our manufactur­ing is exported to polluting countries. We can then lecture them on how green we are.

If we produce nothing, all work from home and import everything we need, this may be possible.

The only fair way to deal with greenhouse gases is to treat them like VAT. The cost should be borne by its ultimate user.

The elite can afford electric cars and live in homes suitable for air and ground- sourced heat pumps, but where does that leave the rest of us?

It appears we are happy to use fossil fuels produced in other countries irrelevant to the cost to the rest of us and it even makes the environmen­tal lobby feel better.

Of course, we are all concerned about the environmen­t, but, like most, I am more concerned about tomorrow, next week and next year.

If my gas boiler gives up the ghost in two years, as a pensioner in a bungalow that is unsuitable for a green alternativ­e at a similar cost, what should I do?

ALAN RICHARDS, Measham, Leics.

DURING this week’s cold snap, I went out for a walk. It was chilly, sunny and the air was still.

I could see half a dozen wind farms and 30 big turbines, but not a single one was turning to produce electricit­y. So much for renewable energy saving the country.

MICHAEL ALBIN, Blackburn, Lancs.

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