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‘Hello, I’m a spider,

My name is Fred,

And I’ve made my home In the Hudsons’ shed.

I used to live

In the family home,

It was warm and cosy And I was never alone. One day I crawled out

To say ‘Hello!’

There were screams and shouts

So I had to go. Caught in a trap

I was made to leave. Taken outside

To an icy breeze. Seeking warmth,

I hid under a broom,

It made a great shelter And there was plenty of room.

One very bright

And sunny day, Someone took

My broom away.

I searched and I searched, But to no avail,

So I made my new home In a galvanized pail.

It was cold and unfriendly And the rain poured in, So I sought shelter

In the Hudsons’ bin. There were slugs and bugs Of various kinds,

A little crowded,

But I didn’t mind. While walking one day Along the garden wall,

I met another spider,

His name was Paul. We became great friends, Until one fateful day,

A bird flew down

And stole my friend away. Sad and alone

And feeling blue,

I really wasn’t sure What I was going to do. Until that was

One starry night,

I came upon

A beautiful sight.

A female spider,

The same species as me, Tempting me closer, As lovely as can be. Before I knew it,

We had set up home,

In the Hudsons’ shed, No longer alone.

Now our children visit The Hudsons’ house, Eggs hatched out

In a hole left by a mouse. They crawl up the windows And all over the door, And the screams in the house

Can be heard once more!

Julie Hudson, Preesall, Lancs.

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