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Button up, Lineker


ONCE again the overpaid Tv presenter Gary Lineker oversteps the mark and the BBC dithers about what to do.

Please do not use my licence money to renew his contract.

Doesn’t he understand that most people in this country want action now to deal with the migration crisis?

We don’t want an open border policy. If someone needs to request asylum in this country, then they should apply for it legally.

But what we are seeing is that Albanians make up the majority of migrants crossing the channel in flimsy boats. There is no persecutio­n in their country — they just want to milk our benefits system.

I hope the Government’s Bill is passed so this issue is dealt with once and for all and celebritie­s no longer think they must get involved.

E. SKINNER, Colchester, Essex.

THE BBC should give Gary Lineker a red card.

BILL DAVIS, Biggin Hill, kent.

IT’S a shame we can’t give Gary Lineker a one-way ticket to Rwanda or even the Tower with a size 12 imprint on his backside!

ASHLEY SMITH, March, Cambs.

WHAT’S all the fuss about Gary Lineker? Surely he’s entitled to his own opinions. It’s not as if he’s spouting off during Match Of The Day.

B. P. MONKS, London SW13.

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