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Will pricey stamps kill the postal service?


THE price of stamps is increasing again next month. According to Royal Mail, this is due to fewer letters and cards being sent and increased operating costs. Surely if prices were lower, more people would use the postal service. An increase in the cost will presumably mean even less business for Royal Mail.

CHRIS BUTT, Kilkhampto­n, Cornwall.

BY INCREASING the cost of a first-class stamp to £1.10, royal Mail has done me a favour. due to all the strikes and failings of the postal system, I haven’t sent a letter for more than 12 months. At Christmas, I hand-delivered cards to people who live locally and sent e-cards to everyone else. I won’t post a letter or card again unless I absolutely have to.

B. CHANDLER, Exeter, Devon.

WE ARE in line for a whopping 15.8 per cent rise in the cost of a first-class stamp and a 10.3 per cent rise for second-class. So why are striking postal workers being offered a mere 5.5 per cent pay increase?

NICK JONES, Gillingham, Kent.

I SHALL be keeping my stamps under lock and key, as they are a valuable item. I might have to turn off the heating for a day so family and friends can still get a birthday card.

JOAN FROST, Peterborou­gh, Cambs.

HIKING the cost of stamps will result in fewer letters being sent. Well done, Royal Mail!

BRIAN BEST, High Wycombe, Bucks.

WITH the rise in the price of postage, will demand decrease and people change their behaviour? Surely increases are short-sighted and damage business.

J. GUTTERIDGE, Reading, Berks.

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