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Gong disgrace


I THOUGHT that we had moved on from the times of Wolf hall when courtiers who found favour wangled peerages for their family and arranged for them to be appointed to high office.

Boris Johnson has already given a peerage to his younger brother and now he reportedly has the cheek to ask for a knighthood for his father.

What has Johnson Senior done to deserve it?

He recently became a French citizen, so shouldn’t even qualify. rampant self-interest seems to dominate the Johnson agenda.

LINDA SHERIDAN, York. BOrIS giving his father a knighthood is one way of obeying the biblical command to honour thy father!


Grimsby, Lincs. I’M OFF to the bookies to bet on Sue Gray being elevated to the peerage by Labour in the next few years.

NICK WOOTTON, Wallasey, Wirral.

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