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Feeling fed up with back pain?


MIGHT posture be a factor in your back pain? Slouching or sitting slumped on your office chair or sofa, sitting in bed and working on your laptop, hunching forward while walking, weeding your garden or washing dishes, even using your vacuum cleaner with one hand can all contribute to aches in the back. And the lower back is particular­ly vulnerable if you have a sedentary lifestyle or don’t do enough physical activity to strengthen your core muscles. Poor posture can lead to the spine being misaligned which causes the muscles, bones and tissue to work even harder to compensate for this spinal imbalance. Changing from a habitual incorrect posture may take time and focused awareness. To help improve posture, it’s important to walk tall, sit with support, getting up every hour, and lift carefully, keeping a straight back and bending the knees. And a support belt could help. The Biofeedbac Lumbros Back Support is suitable for anyone suffering from the pain associated with bad posture and affecting the lumbar region. Utilising the latest research into spinal disease and injury, the light and comfortabl­e brace is designed to bring relief to back pain sufferers by using the body’s own automated awareness to re-educate muscles to perform at their best, encouragin­g good posture. It is the product of a lifetime of work by highly respected scientist and engineer, Professor Malcolm Pope, ranked as one of the top 60 most influentia­l scientists in the world and a UK leader in spinal technology. The discreet belt has been created for back support, lumbar pain relief, postural correction, and minimising muscular discomfort. This highly reviewed and well-made back support belt is suitable for both men and women and has sold more than 500,000 to date.

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