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Soothe that cough with honey

Upgrade to delicious Manuka from New Zealand, for its unique properties


AS MANY of us have discovered during the recent ‘sick wave’ of colds, flu and other respirator­y viruses, coughs can be very debilitati­ng.

Having a cough to contend with gets in the way of everything from conversati­ons to eating, sleeping and many daily tasks. It’s well known that honey is a traditiona­l remedy for sore throats. But did you know it could help with coughs too? Research scientists at Oxford University have revealed that honey should be used above convention­al treatments for coughs, blocked noses and sore throats. They wrote in the journal, BMJ Evidence Based Medicine: ‘Honey is more effective and avoids causing harm through antimicrob­ial resistance.’ And even NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and PHE (Public Health England) advise that people should take honey or over-thecounter remedies instead of antibiotic­s as a first line of treatment. Symptoms normally settle within two to three weeks. Only if the cough persists longer or the person feels very unwell or breathless and is perhaps at risk of further complicati­ons, would they need to contact their GP, states the advice.

But, as the researcher­s note, not all honey is created equal — some types are more helpful than others. So if you are buying a jar of honey to keep at hand for coughs and sore throats, why not upgrade to a delicious New Zealand Manuka honey, which has unique anti-microbial properties that other types of honey do not display?

The naturally occurring compound that gives Manuka these properties is called Methylglyo­xal, or MGO for short. The strength of Manuka honey is often measured in MGO level. The higher the number on the label, the more milligrams of MGO is contained in the pot of honey.

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