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WIN £500 No 17,050


FOR your chance to win, solve the crossword to reveal the word reading down the shaded boxes. HOW TO ENTER: Call 0901 293 6233 and leave today’s answer and your details, or TEXT 65700 with the word CRYPTIC, your answer and your name. Texts and calls cost £1 plus standard network charges. Or enter by post by sending the completed crossword to Daily Mail Prize Crossword 17,050, PO Box 28, Colchester, Essex CO2 8GF. Please include your name and address. One weekly winner chosen from all correct daily entries received between 00.01 Monday and 23.59 Friday. Postal entries must be date-stamped no later than the following day to qualify. Calls/texts must be received by 23.59; answers change at 00.01. UK residents aged 18+, excl NI. Terms apply, see Page 54.


1 Custody supported by excellent chaps in court (11)

9 Talk at length quietly in

front of conductor (7)

10 Small mat for bottle in

cargo-laden ship (7)

11 Tree remains (3)

12 They sting actor John (7) 13 Popular nurses with no hesitation making demands (7)

14 Standard vegetable

but no bargain (3)

15 In a mess, like working

navy personnel? (2,3)

17 Drab part of

loading yard (5)

18 Modernise rule with

four directions (5)

20 Recall meat in ordinary

area in U.S. city (5)

22 Greek character housed

in nicer hotel (3)

24 Part from underwater

worker, say, in turn (7)

25 Artist restricted placard for late fashion designer (7)

26 Wait in line, we’re

told, to get tip (3)

27 Rate lot that’s turned

out for woman (7)

28 Room renovated by clubs and firm in African country (7)

29 Prompt American gets to

follow most of odyssey (11)


1 With great authority, specifying a biblical quotation? (7,3,5)

2 A Latin eccentric entertaini­ng a woman (7)

3 Plans are perfect shortly before start of summer (5)

4 Deal China forged

for Mexican food (9)

5 Passed European no

longer of faith (7)

6 Indian cuts tours

planned for play (5,10)

7 Old writer in leading position has to become more communicat­ive (4,2)

8 Charlie out of practice

gets irritable (6)

16 Record of game in centre retained by southern character (9)

18 Derek interrupts rugby party ultimately in an uncouth way (6)

19 Conduct surveillan­ce on Western pair improperly acquiring film (7)

21 Unusually large box

missing by Italian hotel (7) 23 Wild cat starts to observe carcass enticing huge number (6)

25 Scope in elevated

clock, maybe (5)

NEED A CLUE? Text TIP to 65700 to receive FOUR answers to today’s crossword, or call 0901 293 6236. Texts and calls cost £1 plus standard network charges. Today’s clues available between 00.01 today and 23.30 only.

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