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Blob hits back branding plan ‘unspeakabl­y cruel’

- By David Barrett Home Affairs Editor

A FORMER Home Office mandarin has called the Government’s asylum plans ‘unspeakabl­y cruel’.

David Normington, who was permanent secretary from 2006 until 2010, said the measures were more about ‘grabbing headlines’ than tackling the Channel crisis.

His interventi­on comes amid growing concern over attacks on the asylum plan from the so- called ‘Blob’, comprising civil servants and other agitators.

The Illegal Migration Bill has ‘little chance of success’, Sir David wrote in a letter to The Times.

‘Unless this Bill acts as a deterrent (which seems unlikely), I fear the prospect is for more arrivals, evergrowin­g backlogs, crowded detention centres, endless legal challenges and further damage to our internatio­nal reputation – not to mention unspeakabl­e cruelty to those people who are genuinely looking to the UK as a place of refuge from oppression and persecutio­n,’ he said.

‘In my day in government that would have been more than enough to stop a policy.

‘Hence I can only conclude that this is more about grabbing headlines and talking tough than it is about stopping the boats.’

The Mail reported yesterday that civil servants lodged a flood of complaints about asylum policy.

One worker said in an internal online session that they were ‘embarrasse­d and ashamed’ of the measures.

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