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Yesterday 11.58am


Penny Mordaunt

They’ve [Labour] borrowed from Lineker’s playbook. Labour are a party of goal hangers and Left-wing strikers. That doesn’t work in politics. The country needs centre forwards, people who are prepared to put the hard work in and create opportunit­ies. And it needs a team captain with a plan.

Lineker replied:

Gary Lineker

Thank you for mentioning me in your clumsy analogy. I’m just happy to have been better in the 6 yard box than you are at the dispatch box. Best wishes.

Yesterday 2.22pm Gary Lineker

Well, it’s been an interestin­g couple of days. Happy that this ridiculous­ly out of proportion story seems to be abating and very much looking forward to presenting Match of the Day on Saturday. Thanks again for all your incredible support. It’s been overwhelmi­ng.

Wednesday 10.11pm

Tom Peck

The number one story on the BBC News at Ten is Gary Lineker’s tweet. Not the illegal migration bill, Gary Lineker’s opinion on it. That is totally, totally f***ing insane.

Lineker replied: Gary Lineker World’s gone mad!

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