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Asda beats its pricier rivals in hot cross bun taste test

- By Sean Poulter Consumer Affairs Editor

THEY may not be one a penny or two a penny – but budget hot cross buns have come out top in an Easter taste test.

Asda’s 40p-per-bun option triumphed for flavour, aroma and colour, according to blind taste tests by consumer group Which?

Some 75 hot cross bun enthusiast­s rated ten supermarke­t packs. Best of the buns were Asda’s ‘Extra Special’ Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns at £1.60 for a pack of four, which scored 75 per cent.

‘The texture and moistness of these buns was what really impressed,’ the team said. Second place went to pricey M&S 4 Luxury Hot Cross Buns, which are £1.85 for a pack of four – 46p each – with a score of 74 per cent. And upmarket Waitrose’s Richly Fruited Hot Cross Buns, also 46p each, came last with a score of 60 per cent.

Packs from Iceland, at 25p a bun, and Aldi, at 32p each, were ‘decent’, scoring 69 per cent. Reena Sewraz, of Which?, said: ‘Our taste test results show that you don’t have to buy the most expensive hot cross buns to get great flavour.’

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