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Not just any cooking instructio­ns, but M&S air fryer instructio­ns!

- By Sean Poulter

AIR fryer cooking instructio­ns are being introduced on Marks & Spencer packaging, in the biggest change in cooking habits since the microwave revolution of the 1980s.

The move is being followed by supermarke­ts and brands as the kitchen gadget experience­s a massive surge in popularity, driven by social media and the rising cost of living.

Sales of the devices have surged by around 350 per cent year on year as many households move away from electric ovens and hobs, which are more expensive and slower.

Research by consumer champion Which? has shown that an air fryer can cook a perfect roast chicken for 18p in about 60 minutes, half the price and 16 minutes faster than an electric oven.

Air fryers – which rely on circulatin­g air at high temperatur­es – require far less oil than traditiona­l deep fat fryers or frying pans, making them a healthier option too.

Nicola Mecrate-Butcher, head of marketing at M&S Food, said: ‘As more of our customers use air fryers, it is part of our plans to add cooking instructio­ns to packaging this year.’ The Mail on Sunday revealed last weekend that McCain is adding instructio­ns on packaging to show consumers how to cook its frozen chips and other products in an air fryer.

Waitrose is looking at making a change to labels, while Aldi will shortly introduce ‘Suitable for Air Fryer’ labelling. A survey by experts at Leatherhea­d Food Research found that 30 per cent of households in the UK now own an air fryer. Even among those who do not, 22 per cent say they plan to buy one.

Leatherhea­d’s Natasha Burton said: ‘ This is becoming a mainstream cooking technique for a wide range of products. While chips are the most popular, we found that a quarter of owners also use their air fryers for wet fish and vegetables.

‘Being able to cook food more quickly, cheaply and with less fat is a winning combinatio­n for many people. By including air fryer cooking instructio­ns on-pack, manufactur­ers enable consumers to cook food safely and achieve the desired sensory qualities.’

Rebecca Dixon, kitchen expert with retailer Currys, said: ‘ With sales of air fryers rising by 350 per cent year on year and searches for air fryers on the Currys website increasing by a staggering 800 per cent, Britons are looking for the best air fryer, or have already bought one to save themselves some time.’

And Matt Thomas of John Lewis said: ‘ The air fryer phenomenon continues, having transforme­d how we make quick and easy meals as the cost of living continues to rise.’

‘30 per cent of homes own one’

 ?? ?? Hot: Sales of airfryers have surged 350 per cent in a year
Hot: Sales of airfryers have surged 350 per cent in a year

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