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Preacher’s court victory after row with trans woman

- By Chris Brooke

A CHRISTIAN street preacher had a conviction for misgenderi­ng a trans woman overturned after an appeal court ruling yesterday.

David McConnell, 42, was found guilty of a public order offence by magistrate­s after he repeatedly called a transgende­r woman a ‘man’ while addressing a crowd in Leeds city centre.

He was arrested after police arrived to find him arguing over his views about the LGBTQ community with a ‘ hostile crowd’ of around 100 people. But yesterday a judge at Leeds Crown Court overturned the conviction for causing harassment, alarm or distress,

Recorder Anthony Hawks said Mr McConnell was ‘simply repeating what he genuinely believed to be the bible’s teaching’. ‘We live in a time when free speech is important and vital and we live in a time when people’s attitude towards gender are very different from how they were years ago,’ he said.

‘All these issues need to be properly respected so I make no criticism whatsoever of the crown bringing the prosecutio­n in this case.’ Mr McConnell, a lettings agent who has preached in public for 15 years across northern England, had been sentenced to do 80 hours unpaid work over the incident in June 2021.

The court heard he was approached by Farrah Munir, 20, and asked ‘ does God accept the LGBT community?’ Their interactio­n was captured on video and viewed in court.

Mr McConnell replied: ‘No, God hates sin. So, this gentleman asked a question...’

Members of the crowd shouted: ‘She’s a woman.’

Mr McConnell, of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, told

‘All issues need to be respected’

the crowd: ‘I’m fully aware that is a man, you can tell by looking at him that he is a man dressed in women’s clothes.’ Addressing Miss Munir directly in the street, he said: ‘ You are not a woman, you are a man.’

He also stated that homosexual­ity was an ‘abominatio­n in the eyes of God’.

PC Gareth Burns said when he arrived an ‘angry mob’ gathered and he arrested the preacher partly for his own safety.

Outside court Mr McConnell said he was ‘delighted’ to be cleared, adding: ‘How I was treated was totally unreasonab­le and should concern anyone who cares about Christian freedoms and free speech.’

 ?? ?? Cleared: David McConnell
Cleared: David McConnell

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