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‘Magic’ pill offers new hope in battle to treat Crohn’s disease

- By Tash Mosheim

A ‘MAGIC’ pill that could ease the debilitati­ng symptoms of Crohn’s disease has been approved by the drugs regulator.

Some 200,000 people in Britain are affected by the chronic bowel condition, with severe cases requiring weekly injections and the use of colostomy bags.

Now the drug upadacitin­ib has been given approval by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the form of a daily pill.

Nice, the watchdog that approves medicines for use by the NHS, is assessing the drug, with a decision expected by the summer. Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden, recognised by the Prime Minister for her campaignin­g on Crohn’s disease, said: ‘I’d definitely be up for taking the pill. I’d love to find a cure. That, or a magic drug which instantly gets rid of flare-ups, would be the dream.’

Trials show upadacitin­ib, which blocks signals in the body that cause inflammati­on in the bowel, could be effective in up to 60 per cent of patients, allowing some to go into long-term remission.

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