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Sweet pud, sour taste


Can the river Cafe survive the revelation that its Chocolate nemesis is Prince andrew’s favourite dessert?

the Duchess of York let slip the secret during an interview to promote her latest book, a Most intriguing Lady. the chocolate mousse cake is a popular choice at the famous restaurant, but can fans ever look one in the eye again? Can a single slice survive the distastefu­l associatio­n? not sure if i can ever regard it with quite the same fondness as before.

Meanwhile, when asked what was the best piece of advice Queen elizabeth ever gave, Fergie put down her own slice of nemesis and replied: ‘Be yourself, Sarah. all anyone wants is for you to just be yourself.’

got to love the Queen! it’s exactly what you’d say to a corgi with ideas above its station. elsewhere the Duchess rambles on about how close she was to the Queen, which is all rather tasteless and self-serving.

Just like Prince Harry reminding the american public of his deep connection to, er, his own mother.

and constantly invoking Diana’s memory and golden legacy to boost his appeal and market value in the U.S. Using dead royals to flog dead horses? it is most unedifying for all involved and leaves a sour taste.

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