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Gong wrong, Boris


HoW dispiritin­g that Boris Johnson saw fit to recommend his father Stanley for a knighthood.

it just makes a mockery of everything: politics, the honours system, all of us. this comes two years after Boris, then Prime Minister, nominated his brother Jo for a peerage as part of the 2019 Dissolutio­n Honours — Jo is now Baron Johnson of Marylebone.

this week rachel Johnson — as yet un- ennobled, but watch this space — says her dad has ‘done more than anyone to deserve an honour’. What cobblers. i can tell you right now that my father has done more than her father to deserve an honour, and i suspect that your father probably did, too.

What a terrible shower the Johnsons are, constantly grooming and petting and ennobling each other in public like a flurry of yellowpelt­ed yetis, richly convinced of their own superiorit­y. if they had any decency they would skip the titles and concentrat­e on selfless service instead, but they don’t and they can’t, so they won’t.

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