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Stop burbling on about your bubbly, Cara


CARA DELEVINGNE was born lucky: she had beauty, money and family connection­s, including Dame Joan Collins for a godmother.

Yet it all counted for nothing when she was photograph­ed staggering barefoot around an airport last year, clearly out of her tree on unknown substances and/or alcohol. Mere months later, here she is, as chirpy as any penitent, talking of being cured and telling cute stories to glossy magazines about having her first hangover when she was a seven-year-old bridesmaid. It’s too much, too soon. And if Cara is really serious about sobriety, she should stop advertisin­g the family brand of Prosecco — £22 a bottle and full of fizz, just like her. ‘Laughter and memories were so often made over cold glasses of Prosecco,’ burbles the online ad, picturing Cara along with siblings Poppy and Chloe. Not any more, sister.

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