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Don’t give Gary a red card — let him rave into the void. I love it!


BY THE time you read this, Gary Lineker will be on his way to scoring a sainthood following efforts to burnish his refugee credential­s with his fawning acolytes.

On social media, so many followers told him he had been right to speak out on illegal migration that Lineker blushed, wrung his hands together and typed: ‘I have never known such love and support in my life than I’m getting this morning... I want to thank each and every one of you. It means a lot. I’ll continue to try and speak up for those poor souls that have no voice.’

As a self-described ‘darkish’ man who has suffered racial abuse, Gary is well placed to speak up for oppressed minorities such as himself. His concerns were made clear after Suella Braverman announced her plans to tackle the small boats problem; he rushed onto Twitter and drew a parallel between the Government’s migration policy and Nazi Germany.

If you have to invoke the Nazis in your argument then you have lost the argument but Gary was on a goose-stepping roll.

The usual suspects rushed to his defence. Rich authors, Alastair Campbell, celebrated actors, people who live comfortabl­e lives cushioned by security alarms and nice neighbourh­oods, people whose well- ordered existences are not impacted by mass immigratio­n; all were keen to show how much they cared, all using the usual florid invective.

‘Suella Braverman can get in the f****** sea,’ wrote one actor. ‘I think we all know Gary Lineker would be a better Home Secretary,’ simpered one writer.

No we don’t. We need a grown up in charge — someone prepared to tackle the illegal immigratio­n problem instead of letting it drift from difficulty to crisis to national calamity. Despite what these dreamers fondly imagine, not everyone on these boats is a victim of slavery and persecutio­n and no country could survive with permanentl­y open doors — which seems to be what they want.

It is not fascist or immoral to try to control who lives in the UK and to give those who legally come here a better deal; it is practical and humane. Stopping small boats and widespread illegal immigratio­n is a priority for more Brits than the Left believes.

Why? Because they are the ones most affected. British public opinion has always been strongly supportive of persecuted peoples — but rightly has little sympathy with those who falsely claim to be in fear for their lives.

There are growing calls for Lineker to be sacked from the BBC for breaking impartiali­ty rules — but I don’t think he should be shown the red card.

Let him rave on. I love it! For years Gary has made no secret of his Left-wing, anti-Brexit, antiTory position; a walnut or a sandworm could guess Gary’s views on any issue of the day, right down to the last righteous splutter.

Lineker is a big ship in this terrible sea of small ships. He is the high and windy mountain where the bleeding hearts come to hang their prayer flags and scream into the abyss. Meanwhile in the real world, the problem just gets worse and worse.

Braverman said that the crisis is costing the country more than £5million per day — a situation that cannot continue unchecked. And a situation that is not helped by millionair­es such as Lineker challengin­g the Government about their tax bills. He is in court over a disputed sum of £4.9million, which he has paid back, but is appealing.

Like any good socialist, Gary wants other people’s money used to sort society’s ills, not his own, thank you very much.

Last month in court, his lawyers even told HMRC they were ‘looking in the wrong place’. Isn’t that what Rommel said to Hitler when they were trying to locate the whereabout­s of the Eighth Army during the Battle of El Alamein?

NOT that I would be tasteless enough to invoke the Nazis to try to win an argument. I accept Lineker’s claim that, as he is not a political commentato­r, BBC impartiali­ty rules should not apply to him. Surely the raving sports pundit should be able to say what he wants on social media without becoming an even bigger martyr?

It’s not as if he is sitting in the Match Of The Day studio bawling on about the evil Tories, although can that moment be far off?

For the privilege of his taxpayerfu­nded salary, Lineker is supposed to keep his political views to himself. But that is like asking a flower not to bloom or a wolf not to howl at the Moon, even if its paw’s stuck in a morality trap.

However, should the BBC ever pluck up the courage to sack him, Lineker could always become a politician, activist or full-time one-man oppressed minority.

Whatever you might think, Pundits’ Lives Matter. Let’s not forget that.

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