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Mum’s the word for Keira, tackling the Boston Strangler


KEIRA KNIGHTLEY plays investigat­ive journalist Loretta McLaughlin in the forthcomin­g film Boston Strangler.

McLaughlin and her colleague Jean Cole, played by American actress Carrie Coon, wrote a series of articles about the killings in Boston — including one which linked the apparently unrelated murders for the first time.

Knightley, who lives in North London with her musician husband James Righton and daughters Edie, seven, and Delilah, three, said: ‘I felt very fortunate, particular­ly with Carrie, because we’re both mothers of two small children.

‘There is something very nice about coming on to a set and just looking into another woman’s eyes and having total understand­ing — that was just a joy. We could both look at each other through our completely sleepless eyes and be like: “Alright mate. I’ve got your back.’’’

She went on: ‘My big moment was touch typing, because I was doing a scene and I was meant to be typing and I suddenly went: “Oh! I don’t know how to touch type!” And I looked over at Carrie and said: “Carrie, I haven’t learned how to touch type!” And she said: “That’s because you have two small children.”’

Chicago-based Coon added: ‘Had we taken these roles seven years ago, we would have learned shorthand, but now that we have children, we don’t prepare for films any more; we just hope that they’re well written and we rely on what’s on the page.’

The film, which has been produced by Margot Robbie’s husband Tom Ackerley, will be streaming on Disney+ from next Friday, March 17.

 ?? ?? Comparing notes: Carrie Coon and Knightley
Comparing notes: Carrie Coon and Knightley

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